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Part 3
We didn't know when anyone else would be back to the truck so I took off solo. I took it real slow to the highway where I decided I better call my wife Pat and told her what happened. Her being an EMT, she stayed calm while I told her I was coming home and she needed to take me to the hospital. This felt like it was the longest drive of my life as I felt every little bump and pebble on the road and I was driving an F450. Pat asked how far I had gone and I told her I was just getting on I-35 at Davis and should be home about an hour and 40 minutes. I am about 30 miles south of OKC when the phone rings. It was Pat asking where I was. I told her "just passing thru Purcell" when her voice got loud. She said to go straight to Integris Southwest Hospital and she would meet me there. OK I said and asked her to bring Mike our son so he could take the truck and Bike home for us. Just as I was going under the I-240 overpass, I was Pat going over the bridge. Good timing I thought as I pulled in behind her and followed her to the hospital. I started to relax a little as I knew I was close to help. I followed my wife into the ER parking lot and Mike got out to get an orderly and wheelchair. Slowly and painfully I climbed out of my truck and sat down in the wheelchair. I told Mike not to worry and asked him to take the truck and bike home and put away.
The orderly wheeled me to ER admitting and while the admit nurse was getting me signed in,another nurse was trying to get my vitals. My wife was sitting next to me trying to answer questions. The nurse could not get my BP to register. Shit! I thought to myself-I'm already dead. The nurse got another BP cuff and it didn't read either. NOT good. About that time I started to get tunnel vision and things were turning grey and faint-then I went out. When I woke up, I was in the ER on my back and six or eight people were working on me doing whatever it is they do.
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