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I'm guessing that the only thing that got me to the hospital was pure adrenaline.
My wife told me later that when I lost consciousness she was escorted to THE ROOM-you know the one where they take you when the chaplain talks to you? Thats when she got scared.
The doctors and nurses were poking and prodding and asking questions about what happened. It's
funny cause everyone that asked questions also asked if I was wearing a helmet. I mean everyone. I told them all that I had full gear on. That probably saved me from the "lecture". After a couple of CT's and a bunch of xrays, the sum of my injuries are as follows: fractured left collarbone (I figured), left side 6 broken ribs,(I knew of at least 1), severe hematoma (bruising) left side, and a punctured left lung. I probably shouldn't have drove after all. I spent the next 6 days in the hospital and was told that if the lung didn't inflate on its own within 2 days, they would have to insert a tube. They took xrays twice daily for 2 days and you guessed it-tube time. Now for those who don't know or have never experienced a chest tube I hope you don't. Two very large doctors came in to do this procedure and I was starting to squirm.......a lot. They would numb the surface for the incision that's all. One doctor made about a 1 inch incision then I saw the firehose. Now I know why there were 2 docs. One to hold my arm away from my chest and the other to insert the friggin' hose. I swaer I felt the hose in my toes. That hurt worse than all my injuries combined. No kidding. I wore that hose for 4 days. It was to suck all the blood and air from the chest cavity I was told.

I was off work for 3 weeks in which time I noticed my lower left back was beginning to hurt. I had several follow-ups with a "back specialist" within the next few weeks in which I kept complaining about the back pain. 6 weeks out he ordered an MRI of the lower back region. The results: Nothing out of place physically muscle or bone wise. Great-Phantom pain I thought.The doc probably thinks i'm a clepto also. He prescribes darvosett and sends me on my way. Fast forward to JUNE. I have been on the bike a few times and also to a pain specialist in which he does a "nerve block" that lasts only a few days. Up to this point, there are days when my back doesn't hurt at all and some days it hurts a lot. My back is doing good for a while. June 12th is an offroad race in Erick OK that I really want to race in so I do the race and all is well except for the front flat in a highspeed section that almost crashed me out. Thats a different story tho! Anyway, I have an appt with the pain guy the following friday which made my back hurt a lot worse now. This ain't right ! He tells me to come back july 28th. Early july ,wife and I head to colorado for 2 weeks of dual sporting and atv riding which I only rode 3 days due to my back acting up again. I go to the Pain Doc like i'm supposed to and asks if any followup xrays were taken since the wreck. I tell him only the MRI so heorders more xrays on this time he wants a different position. WELL,GUESS WHAT! I'm still broken. That's right, I still have 3 broken ribs. Two of them up high and don't bother me so much but the third one-You guessed it-lower left of spine. This is not only still broken but has about a 3mm bap in the break of which looks like the ends have healed over. OH CRAP! So as of now I'm grounded from riding until I go back to the Spine DOC. Sept 14th. Keep in mind this happened Jan 3rd almost 9 mos. ago I can't wait for this to be over.
Sorry for the long read but the details were important. Wish me luck!

I also want to say that the staff at Integris Southwest in OKC were excellent and compassionate people that went out of their way to keep me comfortable.

P.S. To the atv guy the hauled me off that hill-THANK YOU. Sorry I never got your name.
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