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Egg transportation is EASY! You break 'em first and put them in a leak proof container. My brother did this and two hundred miles later on a motocycle the yolks were still intact! You could buy some at the end of a day and break them in to your nagel water bottle.

You could travel all over the world using the 'BMWMOA Anonymous book' as a cheaper or free sleeping arrangement.

I have heard couchsurfing folks to be too apt to want to party (I have no first hand experience).

Remember stuff fits inside stuff. Our cutlery fits inside our lidded coffee mugs, our stove sits inside our pan. People often balk at taking a larger pan but what if it is stuffed with something else you need?

In the end you don't need much at all as everyone who has done this can atest. I traveled all of the USA and down to Panama in 1976 for nine months with no cooking gear, no tent, no nothing except a small valise I could carry in one hand. When I flew back to England via Nassau and Luxemborg I stepped off the train in my home town with my very small bag in hand and looked for a taxi. I knew the driver and he couldn't beleive the bag was all I had, plus he took me the 2 miles home for free! Along the way I went through many T shirts and socks and underwear, but still had the same pants and shoes until I got to London, it was raining and I bought new shoes. Meeting people was the best. I had free rooms and food, free haircuts, even free transportation after I sold the VW bug I was driving at the time in Honduras. I got a free ride on a boat to the Isles Tres Marias. I got a free airplane ride back to Guatemala. I got a FREE ride from Costa Rica to Panama in exchange for the driver practising is english language. I got a lot of stuff but gave too. I helped garden, including moving trees. I washed cars, fixed stuff. Once I stayed in a couples house and took them to the airport in their car, leaving me with the car and house!

Someone said 'time' is valuable, it's so true. If you are flexible with your time good things can happen. Often you have to hang around for an opportunity to transpire or come to fruition. I've met people at work, grocery stores, gas stations, anywhere, and they have asked me to stick around till they get off. Being young helped, being from England helped. Often I was 'showed off' to friends as a curious prize, that was okay it became part of the trip.
I always had money, plenty in fact, but was VERY thrifty, it too became part of the trip. I was always clean and well groomed. I never did understand the whole grubby traveler look. Even now I know many motorcyclists who think they should not shave on a trip or wash the bike. It's like a badge of courage or 'look at me I'm awesome' thing. It was much more interesting to show up with a hand bag and fresh face and announce I had just come from an 11 country trip and had the passport stamps and dates to prove it!

I'm older and wiser and married now. We still travel on the cheap. We wash ourselves and wash our bikes. We carry more stuff.

We like to host travelers at our home. To qualify you must be self sufficient, be clean, have money (not spend it just have it) and know how to be organized and be flexible. Showing up at short notice is OK, hanging around for weeks is not. When you stay anywhere you should have an exit date/time and let the host know up front. It's not a good idea to show up on holidays.

Just a few tips from experience, thanks for reading, I enjoyed looking back.
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