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Originally Posted by bgoodsoil
this applies more to motorcycle camping than anything else but my favorite places to camp cheap are powerlines and radio towers. Radio towers are lifesavers at night--they have a big red blinking light at the top saying 'hey sleep here!' Aim that front tire at the light. A lot of radio towers have signs that say 'Warning: Emitted frequencies known to be harmful to human beings" just pitch the tent a few feet further away

Lipton Noodles is the best food on the trail. Boils over a simple stove in no time, comes in all sortsa varieties and usually only costs a buck a pack. Substitute olive oil for butter, I keep a little squeeze bottle full of it on all backpacking/biking trips. You can get chicken pre-packaged like tuna at the grocery store--chuck it in the noodles and you get more protein.

I'm a coffee ADDICT and instant coffee is NOT coffee--that junk tastes like you brewed it in your socks. I carried a french press that fit in a coffee mug for years and years but it weighed a full pound. Now I carry coffee pods with me on backpacking trips, just pour in water. I have a salt shaker full of non-dairy creamer I bring. Coffee pods are more expensive than normal coffee and I still carry my old Aero french press mug on the bike.

I use a white gas stove in the states but it's hard to beat the afforementioned coke can stove in the 3rd world. I've also used alcohol based hand sanitizer in them and, of course, Golden Grains.
Wow!! Funny we haven't run into each other at the grocery store or near the power station/lines. Pretty much how I do it.........lipton noodles, coffee pods, and an occassional fish .

Start noodles while setting up tent, camp and supper done in about 20 minutes. All I need now is one of those Kermit Chairs (I somehow caught the fever) and things are rosy.

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