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Laugh The Standard One – An exercise in heat & patience.

We started today by marking & pulling the clutch & flywheel. The friction plate will need to be replaced of course, but I think we have a pile of them in The Stores Department (my shed). The input & output plates seem no worse than any I’ve seen before, but they’ll need a scrub up & measure before they go back on. Not sure about the spring plate, but there’ll be one in the shed.

For some reason I was inordinately praised for my de-greasing skills, which sort of freaked me out & made me see myself as a little bit OCD The whole bell-housing inner was sort of baked with oily treacle, though it seems to have been deposited (perhaps misted?*) over a long period of time rather than as a burst or dripping leak, and the coverage pattern of the oil didn’t point toward any particular single source and none of it seems to be on any of the plates. There’s no obvious or visible deterioration of the rear seal, but then you wouldn’t need to see it for it to be a problem I guess. We may swap the seal out while we’re in there anyway? I think we’ll probably take up bpeckms suggestion and swap out the o ring on the oil pump cover, which makes sense while we can get to it, and I guess we need to have a look in there anyway, or at least re-torque the bolts.

It’s been suggested by my local Dave** that my big-end death on the other boxer (which I’ll describe when I get appropriate pics) may have been a result of oil pump failure***, so it can’t hurt to check this one, unless we break something in the process of checking it’s not broken, which I usually do.

Today though was a very un-breaky day, and we displayed a level of ‘Oh, hang on, leave it a bit’ which I must say gasted my flabber to the utmost degree. The forward engine mount rod was well stuck in the right frame lug, and while normally we might have belted the fucker with mighty lug hammers forged from the finest Heavytanium (it was suggested) we took the ‘what they say in the magazines’ style approach of penetrating fluid (if only I had some WD40!?!) & time, followed by a bit more time, then heat & banging followed by heat/bash/heat/bash until it came out, almost rather too quickly in the end, flying into my co-renovators lap****. Having doused his trousers with a sample of our finest fire extinguisher and had the lovely Matron apply ointment (liberally), we were able to lean & lift the block out & chuck it back & forth to each other in a playful game of ‘Who’s wearing sandals & got a bad elbow?’. I was briefly reminded of the work of Mel Brooks

If the front mount rod had gone in with copper grease or similar it might never have stuck? But we have adopted what I think is the opening of the Hippocratic Oath as a motto for my hammer - ‘First do no harm’ - and it seems to have worked. This shows the great strength of working in pairs or groups. It’s far too humiliating to flip out when there’s someone else about, pummelling the petrol tank with the closest tool to hand, which in this case is a hammer conveniently already in the hand. Of course this new ‘not beating the project to scrap in a frustrated rage’ based system relies on you not both flipping at the same time. If you find you are both smashing the bike with hammers, stop.

Toodle Pip!?!

* It may come from the breather pipe, which doesn’t always get reconnected to the T piece on these later R’s?
** All bike mechanics of a certain ‘Oh yes boy, they did that on the 1959 model’ type are called Dave. We have conducted extensive research and have proof, keep up
*** I don’t run an oil pressure light. I still may not.
**** Who is this mysterious oily handed man?
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