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Day 11

08/28/09 – Day 11 Chama, NM to Silver City NM. 316 Miles

On the road at 0710 and the Sun was coming up with very few clouds, another great day to ride!

Took some scenery shots as I was on pavement, also saw this natural arch which was neat.

I hit Pie Town and it was still asleep from what I could tell. Not a soul moving around here. Oh well too early for Pie so maybe next time.

Headed on South some more and then hit Hwy 12 looking for gas. Headed West hoping Apache Creek would have some …. No dice had to go all the way to Reserve, NM., 40 miles. Oh well, next time we’ll have better info. Needed the internet that night and didn’t have it available. So got back on the trail and rode hard. Fast and fun dirt/gravel roads for quite a while I was having a blast!

Then I come to the "Beaverhead-Wall Lake Road which connects with Northstar Road then says narrow with sharp curves and drop offs..high clearance vehicles only........not a problem
I’m thinking this should be a blast. Well it was for a while but 120 miles of continuous switch backs and very rough water ridges from hell and large rocks. I then come to a sign that says Road Closed………..not about to turn back I go around and continue on. Road gets very steep and rougher still. I then come up on some Forest Service personnel coming down this one lane (very narrow) road with a horse trailer in tow. I manage to just squeeze by……wow close. On we go. Seems the FS guys had been doing a controlled burn and were just checking it all out via horse back (that’s how bad this road was) more about this a little later!
On I go and the road gets worse. I’m thinking if it’s not the fire burn then why would they have closed this road. Then I see dozer work with water still running across the road, trees down and pushed aside big rocks moved aside and all the powder dirt from this work, then deep mud/ruts (everyone likes these right) I gas it and make it across this very tough area and then another mile comes another and another until I had gone almost five miles. I finally stop and get one picture..

It gets worse and then along comes the head FS guy in his white Yukon. I stop to ask him what is going on and how long this road dozer work goes on. He says well Hi, you’re the first guy across this road, and we just opened it up. (I’m thinking then why the hell does the sign back there say closed) but not wanting to get my but in trouble I don’t mention it.

He says they had six feet deep water flood this area and take out the road. Had to come back in and rebuild it. (I never want this guy to build me a road if this is what he calls rebuilding it.) Anyway he says it clears up about 100 yards up the road, so I head on.

By now I’m feeling real lucky, one for not getting my ass busted and two for actually making it through this mess. I had mud and sand on my helmet and all over my bike and legs. Got a hell of a work out too.

At this point I probably have about 50 miles to go (just guessing) and it is a constant switch back up and down the mountain, complete with mind jarring water ridges. When I come out onto Hwy 35 which takes you into Silver City (via the Georgetown road) I was really tired and beat. This was the toughest road of the complete trip and the longest too.

I then hit Hwy 152 and took a picture of the big copper mine there and then started my long trip East up Hwy 152 to I25.
Holy crap Hwy 152 while paved is also a ton of 10-15 mph switch backs almost the whole way. I sure got some wear off the sides of my knobbies anyway. I made it to Socorro, NM got a room and crashed.

Tomorrow I have a full day of interstate travel and am not looking foward to it but for now some hard earned rest. Good night, more tomorrow.
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