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Originally Posted by 10Cup
08/28/09 Day 11 Chama, NM to Silver City NM. 316 Miles

Then I come to the "Beaverhead-Wall Lake Road which connects with Northstar Road then says narrow with sharp curves and drop offs..high clearance vehicles only........not a problem
Im thinking this should be a blast. Well it was for a while but 120 miles of continuous switch backs and very rough water ridges from hell and large rocks.

On I go and the road gets worse...

It gets worse...

At this point I probably have about 50 miles to go (just guessing) and it is a constant switch back up and down the mountain, complete with mind jarring water ridges. When I come out onto Hwy 35 which takes you into Silver City (via the Georgetown road) I was really tired and beat.

This was the toughest road of the complete trip and the longest too.

Holy crap Hwy 152 while paved is also a ton of 10-15 mph switch backs almost the whole way. I sure got some wear off the sides of my knobbies anyway. I made it to Socorro, NM got a room and crashed.

Thank you 10cup
for thoroughly convincing me to avoid this stretch of road on my ride next week to Mexico. It looked like a fun road on paper (I even asked about it in another thread) but -- in its current condition -- I think I will give it a big miss on a loaded 650.

Guess I'll have to do AZ191 instead

And Fleg, thanks for the tip on the Chain of Craters byway -- I've added it to my southbound route!
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