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Originally Posted by tbirdsp explained exactly what type of ride you are doing with this file...
Hello Tbirdsp:

I use Mapsource to manage a lot of downloaded data collected on several different GPS units for a variety of purposes. One of those purposes is recording rides, looking at the ride of others, and planning new rides. When I'm doing that I often find it useful to look at waypoints, or tracks, or the routes of others, as I plot a particular route that I might ride. Along with other situations, this is when I would find Mapsource more useful if I could quickly and easily turn on or off the display of particular tracks, routes, and waypoints - the same as I can do in the other mapping programs I routinely use (see the original post).

You're correct - so far it appears that this functonality is not available in Mapsource so I have an answer. I also use Mapsource as a preliminary tool for organizing research data from my lab (we do a lot of biological diversity survey work) and the same functionality would be helpful there.

I find Mapsource a great program for several reasons and in many cases prefer it to Delorme Xmap, AlltopoProo, ArcView, etc. But, there isn't a perfect mapping/GPS /GIS program that does everything easily!

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