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Originally Posted by unbeliever
Im about to do the install on this. I went through the kit to familiarize and noticed, I didnt recieve the rubber slugs for the dash mount. Can anyone tell me the rough height of these. I will go to the hardware/parts store and see what I can get to glue on to the bracket.

Also, for those that hard wired your gps into one of the ACC plugs, where did you line your cable through? I want a clean efficient looking set up. I have thought about just drilling a third hole to line the power line through to wire in. Any thoughts?

When you mount the TT bracket, you have to cut some holes in the dash plastic piece- I slid the Garmin power lead through one of those necessary holes during the mounting of the bracket. Fit fine as long as everything wasn't tightened up first (damhik) and looks clean as can be tucked behind the GPS outa sight.
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