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Fuel Pump Controller Cost


I just got my bike back from the BMW Dealer (Calgary, Canada) after having the fuel pump controller replaced. The bike was down for 18 days. They did the work at BMW's cost, but it did not turn up on the list of "Technical Campaigns" for the bike (R1200GS, production date March 2008).

I've order the cable from Burns, and hopefully it will arrive soon. Its good to have the bike back, but confidence is not high!

I also checked into getting a fuel pump controller as a spare. Other discussions mentioned the price of a new controller at 65 Euros and $95 USD. At the one and only Calgary BMW dealer the quoted price was $216.81 CAD (0.90 CAD ~ 1.00 USD). Question - could this part be ordered via www? (PN 16147720776)

BTW, I saw the old fuel pump elecronic controller they took out and it looked great. Not dirty, no corrosion, the plastic cover (epoxy) was intact with no cracks, the connectors looked good (shiney contacts), and the turquois o-ring looked and felt good without cracks. It was "to be returned to BMW".

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