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While I'm still eagerly awaiting my first long jaunt, here's a few open fire/cheap stove cooking tips I've learned as a camp counselor:

Bisquik (starch of the gods) + anything + water = a decent cake thing.
I mean anything.

A personal favorite:
Take some tin foil, butter/margarine the surface so there's no sticking, mix bisquik, water, pork 'n' beans, and whatever stolen condiments (pizza parlor powerdered cheese, hot sauce, etc).
Wrap the tin foil, throw it on a fire or fire-heated rocks until you get some good steam emerging from the seams.

Make a lot at once, and take leftovers in a thermos or tupperware. It's not bad reheated.
(note: mix anything with bisquik. fruit, onions, brown sugar, chocolate, eggs, cheese, whatever random foodstuffs you can get your dirty hands on)

a #10 (folger's size) can is a great tool. You can boil water, make oatmeal or stew, and if you grease the inside, make a simple bread using bisquik. It's also the perfect size to carry other food and food-related stuff in.

A small bottle of A-1 steak sauce is worth the investment. Same with Tapatio hot sauce. Less than 2 dollars flavors a good 20 meals.

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