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Dinner @ CroMag

My wife and I will be making the Saturday night dinner at CroMag: we are members of an amateur competition BBQ team and have all the gear to set up an outdoor kitchen. If you have any questions feel free to PM me with them, I don't want to clutter up SC's thread too much.

There will be veggie burgers available for vegetarians, along with a small amount of meatless baked BBQ beans. However, most of the BBQ beans will be of the meaty variety. We intend to serve food from about 5:30 in the afternoon until around 7:30; hopefully that'll give everyone time to get in from their rides, wash up, and have a pop or two to whet the appetite. We unfortunately have plans in Boston for Sunday AM that we can't alter, so we're hoping to begin packing up at 8 and be gone by 9. We'll leave any leftovers for the late arrivers. If that schedule doesn't fit the flow of the event please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

My wife and I do this because a very good friend of ours lost his battle with cancer in 2004, leaving a young family behind. We consider the cost of the food, gas, and time it takes to be our donation to Dana-Farber for cancer research; 100% of the money you guys donate for the food will go directly to DFCI (we don't reimburse our costs in other words). Hope you FF's don't mind pitching in for a cause...


PS I will be riding on Friday afternoon & Saturday morning and look forward to meeting some of you.
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