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Originally Posted by Mr Head
I rescued this 1983 GPz 550 from a software engineer. I got it for free, and dumped nearer 2 grand into it for parts, and my labor to bring it back. The idea going in was a trackday toy and sometimes racebike. I got bored with the wobbling thing and sold it. I had upgraded the fork internals along with a complete rebuild at that end including wheel and steering bearings, brake pads and steel overbraided lines.
The motor was stock save for a re-jet and freshened cam chain, tensioner, new clutch, sprockets and drive chain. Sealing the thing all back up and getitng the carbs sorted took the longest.
A friend had offered me a Basani headed for free, that was in good shape. I considered it, but went with the stock for the looks.
The rear shock was custom from Works Performance. Swinging arm bearings/bushings, helped but it still flexed a lot with modern rubber sticking it to the road.
The tank was dented on all sides, but held fuel. Smaller Ducati turn signals looked a whole lot better.
That lack of wobble is the one really major benefit of having gotten the Zephyr rather than modifying an old bike. It's solid to start, just needing fork springs/fluid and shock rework/replacement. Then it's just old school fun on the street.

Ever get lost? You know, that good kind of lost - come to a dirt road intersection and you have no idea where you are or which way to turn? I like when that happens!

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