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Originally Posted by Bayner
It's not going to be obvious by eyeballing it. The bearings need to be removed from the hub, and measurements taken (vernier caliper) to confirm the lengths are in very close tolerances. If the weather here sucks on the weekend, I may just do this...

I have to ask myself, did the same company machine the rear spacer as did the front axle??!!

Originally Posted by itsatdm
Not being smart, serious question, what are you going to measure it against? I can assume if the bearings are bottomed out and a circlip to hold them in, I would expect little or no tolerance between the two. Do you know how long the spacer should be? The axle is torqued to 74 lb. which I would think bring the spacer into contact with the bearings, how much is too much pressure or should there be none at all?
I agree with itsardm, it's going to be hard to measure. Although things need to be measured BEFORE torque is applied to the axle. If you find several hundredths of a mm difference in the length of the spacer inside the hub to the distance between the two inner races of the center wheel bearings, then you can start to worry.

BTW... Who is still using Vernier calipers? I've got my digital coolant proof (IPX8) Mitutoyo calipers I've had for several years lol.

Trust me, you will never find them outside of their box without my hands on them though.
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