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So true.

Packed up and ready go.

My ride. 2006 KTM 625 with a fresh set of Avon Distanzia SM tires. Perfect.

DSH's ride - 1997 Ducati Monster 750. He bought this bike a couple days before the trip. It had only a few thousand miles on it and got it for a steal of a deal....from a friend who recently got married.. :-/

We are ready to roll.

The truck's radio is busted so we rig up PC speakers to a car starter battery along with an ipod.

Getting through the tristate areas was murder...

I forget which bridge it was, but on one of them we have a close call where DSH almost rear ends the car in front of us when traffic suddenly stopped. Luckily, there was a break in traffic in the next lane over and he was able to quickly shift lanes and avoid a big mess. I think DSH got the message that this big heavy old truck and trailer does not handle like a normal passenger vehicle. By the way, he has NYC driving tendencies so tailgaiting is a norm..

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