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Well, being as anal as I am, and the fact I take off on an annual bike adventure trip in 10 days, I pulled the bearings. All of them. 1st, on my bike anyway, all the bearings are ok quality wise at least looking at them, but they are Chinese (LFD) and 1 NSK. All mine were in perfect condition too btw. I replaced them with SFK bearings anyway.
I took them to my friends motorcycle shop for his opinion. He does bearings all the time on sport bikes. He didnt think anything was unusual except for the fact that the rear bearings were the same size as the fronts. He said usually, the rears are bigger. Also worth noting, and for you guys who have already swapped yours tell me if you saw the same thing, when installing, the bearing kinda just drops in at first. Easily, without freezing. About halfway up the side of the bearing itself before becoming tight. The rest of the way it needs to be pressed in which I did and was tight going in from there. But usually they are tighter than a frogs ass right from the get go. Could this be purposely engineered that way ?
But in short my bearings were just fine and I have had my wheel off many times and have ridden it through deep water a few times as well. Snap ring was flush to the bearing and it seems normal. To me anyway. Go figure.
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