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Still navigating our way along the Northumberland Shore, DSH spots a sign for Josh Vineyards. We decide to make an unscheduled stop. We were using Scala Q2 headsets to communicate on the road - they worked great!

Trenton, NJ is where we grew up!

Tonight's dinner was not so great. Not many choices in this area. Lonely Planet's guide didn't help much either. We settled on the Dine and Dash Diner. It was getting a little late so we wanted to eat and go find a spot to camp. We planned to look for Provinvial Land to camp for free after dinner.

We found this spot...that little stretch of land that goes into the water. It was a bit breezy/chilly and we got weird looks from the people living nearby so we decided to look for another spot nearby.

We found a little trail that was supposed to take us closer to the shoreline, where we hoped it would open up for some decent camping. The ride through the woods was easy enough...until we got to this bit of water. We should have left the bikes and left the bikes on the dry trail to see if it was worth crossing...but we didn't think to do that, instead we charged forward. Dumb. The mud was about 6 inches deep and there was barely any traction. We ended up walking the bikes through this....only to find the woods just got even thicker and less appealing.

New Glasgow's provincial lands thoroughly kicked our butts.

We decided to turn around and high tail it to the nearest hotel for the night. Night 1 camping fail. Oh well. We make our way back to a gas station down the road to assess the damage. The Ducati sufferred a bent exhaust and a tweaked shifter when it was tipped over in our off roading expedition. Luckily it wasn't serious and we managed to limp our way to the a motel for the evening. By the way, it seems all motels/hotels are $80+ for one night. A bit expensive for what you get if you ask me.

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