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We had a long flight ahead of us on that Friday evening after work. The plane left Atlanta at 4:30pm and arrived around 8:00am Zurich time. Since we can not sleep on a plane and would be up all night, the only goal for Saturday was get the bike and return to the hotel in one piece. We would hang out there and walk around the area with the intentions of going to bed early to adjust to the time and catch up on sleep.

So off to the train station to go down a couple of stops, get off and walk the rest of the way to Holligier which was only about one mile. Signed all the paper work and we were finally off and riding..... the wrong way down a one way street So far so good.....

Actually the street behind Holligier's exit in the back of the shop, did not have a direction sign and of course we picked the wrong route. No problem though as we found out the other drivers were not just blowing their horns at the Americans, welcoming us to Zurich, but to let us know we were going the wrong way.

It was a short street though and brought us to the first intersection. The next thing you realize is they don't bother to put up red lights or other traffic control signals for those going the wrong way down a one way street. Hmmmmm. No problem, just take a right, roll on the throttle and we are on our way once again.

It was an experience riding in a new city, on a different bike, after no sleep in about 30 hours. Keeps you on your edge. We made it back to the hotel which which was only about 6 miles and a couple of round-abouts.

This brings us to the first pictures of the trusty steed, which shall takes us 1150+ miles through France, Germany, and Switzerland

A couple other things we planned for Saturday was to wire up the Zumo and run wires for our intercomm system. We had that finished in about one hour so todays's mission was complete.

I will tell you my wife and I spend all our time together that we possibly can. Two-up riding is just another thing we have come to enjoy. We are still all even after 25+ years. She rather ride on the back with me then ride her on ride and we are both happy with that arrangement.

One of the first things we noticed was how much longer the street and city names were compared to the USA. Here, where we live near Atlanta, we have names like Poplar Street or Pine Road. There you have names such as Schaffhauserstrasse, Thurgauerstrasse, and Flughofstrasse.

I am thinking, no worries, we have our trusty Zumo and Jill, the voice of speech-to-text for street names. Second thing you soon find out is that Jill is English and she can't even come close to speaking these street names. It made for some interesting directions listening to her through the intercomm.

The end of this day was winding down and time to kick back in the executive lounge with some snacks & drinks.

Tomorrow takes up North from Zurich, a little into France & Germany.

David & Ellen
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