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We were up early this morning and ready to start this adventure. We have several routes planned and loaded up in the GPS. Since this was the first real riding day in a different country and on a different bike, we decided the trip North would be in good order. The route would not take us across many mountains and appeared to be more flat, farm country.

We would ride towards Mullhouse-France, then over to the Black Forest area and back down to the hotel. About 200 miles by the time we returned and went thru a couple of road construction detours.

First shots as we head out on the highway and away from the city. I also see a sign for one of the many tunnels coming up ahead. We soon determined the Swiss love to build tunnels. Sometimes I think they dump large truckloads of rocks on the side of a mountain, just so they can add another tunnel

... and no ride-report-with-tunnels would be complete with out the obligatory, inside the tunnel shot.

This area is mostly flat with some small mountains in the background. This was no surprise to us as we had looked at it on Google earth when planing the trip. We did notice how green all the plants were so one would assume they get a decent amount of rain.

This route takes us in and out of France, Germany & Switzerland several times along the way. Other than the initial border crossing over into France in which everyone just drove past, the only way we could tell we were crossing country lines was the GPS. Coming back into Switzerland, everyone stopped at the border, then just continued on their way. We seen a border patrol officer in the booth and one would only assume that unless he signaled you to pull over, you just went on.

When we rode into the first town one of the first things you notice is the Church. This seemed to be the norm in every town we rode into. There was almost always a big Church with a tall steeple which was the tallest structure there. I also noticed they all had a clock on the steeple which was a typical centerpiece around a town square.

As we rode out of town we went back into farm land. We did not expect to see as much corn being grown there. This looked like a typical mid-west farm we have here in the States.

Traveling further away from the city we come upon a speed limit sign. I am thinking woo-hoo, triple digit speed limits.

Now all the squids here in the States are thinking and all the Swiss are going

Later on, I found out something else about the signs and where they are posted so for those in the know, wait until later. But, I do remember reading on the Swiss transportation WEB site that has the traffic rules and signs that there are assumed speeds on all the roads there. The same thing is here in the States, but there are differences.

The lanscape is starting to get more interesting at this point. I believe we are in Germany and getting close, if not already into the Black Forrest.

At this point, I am thinking: Curve, small mountains, rocks, tunnel - the ride is about to get more interesting......

... or not. Back to the flat areas. Now I will say, I enjoy all kinds of scenery, especially when riding a motorcycle. Any change is landscape is just an opportunity to see something different. One thing we wanted to see was how much different this area was from the southern area around the Alps.

I am not sure how much more I can add in this post, so will close it and go to a new one.

David & Ellen
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