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Monday two, the adventure continues........

The ride on Sunday was just a teaser for the upcoming routes we had planned and we knew it. As we awoke early this morning and looked out the window at the rising sun, I am sure I could hear the theme from 2001 - A Space Odyssey. It was the start of a new day with a new adventure.

The planned route for today would take us across Pragelpasse and Klausenpasse along with other scenic areas.

Before we get to the passes, we have to make a few water crossing as we are working our way out of Zurich. It only takes about 20 minutes to get away from the traffic and on to better riding.

We encounter the first of several road construction red lights. At least while we were waiting for the light change, we had good scenery to look at.

We continue on down the highway, soaking up the scenery and fresh air and enjoying that feeling we all get when ride. We notice more and more homes that are nestled in green pastures and at the bottom of mountains or lakes.

In the distance, we can see we are finally getting closer to our destination of the Alps. Gives you that tingly feeling all down your leg, just knowing what lies ahead.

Of the many pictures we have taken up to this point, this is one of my favorites. You have a ribbon of smooth road justing waiting for all the riders that will pass over it today. The sides are lined with green pastures with a backdrop of mountains.

As good as these pictures came out, it can not do justice to the experience of looking all around you, and this was on all sides.

At this point in our ride we are approaching Ibergeregg. I remember this beacause we had a picture of the sign

We decided to stop here and stretch for a bit. When we removed our helmets, we heard the first sounds of cow bells all across the pasture. There was almost complete silence, except for the ringing of these bells. For those who have been here and heard them the first time, know what we mean.

Watching the cows walk around and hearing what reminded me of a dinner bells, I started get hungry. There just happened to be a little hotel on this hill with an outdoor restaurant. It had a great view for eating lunch.

We sat down with a menu and decided hamburger was to be the selection for lunch. I am not sure if it was from watching all the cows walking around, or it was about the only thing we could make out in German

The required picture of at least one meal. For those wondering, a beef patty with fries can be had for only 14chf plus a drink.

But how can you put a price on such a small thing such as food, when you have this scenery to enjoy as you dine.

Next up, we leave the restaurant and start riding more into these beautiful mountains.

David & Ellen
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