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This seems like a good place to mention a couple observations we had while visting Switzerland. Some of these will be visible in the pictures we took and probably taken for granted.

We noticed every where we visted, be it in the small parts of Zurich we actually seen or out in the country, it is a very clean place. You did not see trash along the sides of their roads, even in the city. I am sure there is probably areas somewhere with this problem, but we never seen them.

They are proud of their flag as I don't recall visiting another country that displays it in so many places. From the bigger city to the smallest town, we seen it almost everywhere.

For the most part, their drivers observe the rules of the road and seem to be good drivers. In the 1150+ miiles we covered, we only came across one accident down near Andermatt.

While we did not really carry on many conversations with anyone outside the hotels, everyone we meet was nice unlike some other parts of the world we have been. It is always impressive to hear those who can switch between multiple languages in a short conversation as we heard listening to the hotel workers in the lounge.

Ok, now back to the ride report
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