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Monday #2

After finishing off some beef & fries, we headed out towards Schwyz where the Swiss Army knife outlet store was located. The ride to there and through that town was a pleasure too.

Yes, it looks just like this in person. Only more spectacular

As we start into town, we see the familiar Church. Also, our picture gremlin, IS-16 tried to sneak into the picture.

There was some interesting artwork on the outside of this building. We seen this in a several areas we rode into. I think it gives it more character than just bricks or stones.

Out of town and heading towards Pragelpasse.

Now that we are in a part of the Alps, we start seeing streams and lakes that are fed by the melting snow or glaciers.

I also started noticing how the landscape of the mountains started showing distinct changes the further up you went. At a certain point, it changed from trees to rocks. I am not sure if this was from temperature change at higher elevations like you see in the Colorado Rocky mountains here in the States, or that part of the mountain has just eroded away the soil and only rock was left. One can't help but wonder how these same mountains looked a few thousand years ago.

This looks one of those pictures you would see in the back of Roadrunner magazine of submitted reader photos. We actually had one of our pictures published back there in December of last year , but back to the story at hand.

I thought the rolling hills and ditches made this an interesting shot instead of the usual smooth fields seem most everywhere else.

... Eat more Chikin' one of many cows we came across roaming the roads, close enough to reach out and touch. Of course with all these cows wandering around and crossing the road, they also leave you some obstacles to practice your MSF course maneuvring skills

So as we round the corner, a majestic mountain appears in the near distance. A quick attempt was made to capture this moment, only to be spoiled by IS-16, the picture gremlin.

But faster than a speeding bullet and quicker than you can write a digital photo to a flash card, Mrs STeelybeast was able to pull off a second shot.

I know what everyone is thinking now. Why are we riding up someone's driveway to their house? But this is no driveway, this a road for two lane traffic, be it motorcycles, cars, or trucks

More to come in the next post.

David & Ellen
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