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Day 2 : Finding the perfect Barbecue...

Barbecue is something you eat, not something you do or heaven forbid, the thing you do it on.

Down here that is a fact that no dictionary, Wikipedia, or discussion, violent or otherwise will change...ever. So this second day of riding was dedicated to chasing down good Barbecue. Fortunately one of, or for some THE place, to find the perfect mix of chopped pig, mixed with just the right amount of chopped crackling and other things I'm not privy of can be found within easy riding distance from Marvin's house.

So after breakfast and a quick bathroom break we fire up our scoots and point them in the general direction of Ayden.

Sorry, no pictures of the ride there, I was hungry, the ride was fast, bathroom breaks few and so the camera remained firmly stacked away.

By midday we arrived at what looked nothing like a famous eatery :

Marvin said it was going to be good though, and I trust him when it comes to food...he's a Baptist.

It is called the Skylight Inn, and inside they had some impressive pictures and newspaper cuttings of all the previous presidents that had eaten here.
The dude choppin the pork looked monster serious, so things were looking good....did I mention the line were to the door?

Somehow I expected more of a taste sensation.........but some Texas Pete sorted that....

Funky looking place.....

After lunch we headed back home. Again not many pictures for the afternoon, but we did cross this cool bridge on the way out of Greenville.

Pictures of the ride back.....sorry not much there:

Just outside of Jamesville we ran across this ......yard art???

Yea well nofine....

And so ended 2 great days of riding on the wrong side of the road.

Charles hung around till around 9PM before making the trip back to Hendersonville, which he made by 4AM the next morning......Goldwing riders.......
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