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Originally Posted by DRONE
Your link didn't work so I'm not sure which bulb you're talking about.

Luminics sells two different "pure blue" H4 bulbs.

One is the traditional bulb--part no. LB-H04SF--this is the one I have and it's a simple swap out/swap in bulb. Two bulbs for $35. I've got 6000 miles on mine now including a lot of dirt and gravel. I still recommend it.

The other is the Krypton bulb--part no.
LKB-H04SF. I think maybe this is the one you're talking about. It generates a lot more heat than a regular H4 bulb. Also, the diameter of the bulb is wider than stock even though it's mounted on an H4 base so I'm not even sure it will fit in our housing. This is the one they suggest using a heavy duty plug for because of the extra heat it produces. I can't vouch for this bulb. The extra heat might be too much for our headlight housing and lens even if you get the upgraded wiring, and it might not fit anyway.

Thanks DRONE. It's the LB-H04SF for sure... but on the checkout page they still list the optional wiring for it. Not required, but made me wonder if I needed it.

Sounds like it's safe to skip the wiring for this bulb.

This will be the beginning of beefing up safety as my first series of mods.

Just got done adding some reflective tape to my dark graphite helmet.


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