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Originally Posted by edfetz
You can call it bling, (No offense taken) which I guess it is. But its also much less likely to be wiped off the bars by a branch. Just wondering if the guard for the original is bling too? The original was just ridiculous to me. My buddies 1200GS has a hard mounted reservoir, Why the counter weighted version on the 800??

I don't think it is bling. I don't like the pee cup look at all. Just hate it bobbling around up there. For now I put a black wrist sweat-band over it - you know, like the ones chevy chase had on in Fletch.

It still bobbles but since it is all black its not as noticeable. I definitely liked the ones on my old BMW Dakar better. This looks like an easy solution if you don't like the urine sample.
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