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Originally Posted by Singletrack_mind
I posted about this a while ago, my biggest beef with the bobble head was that it prevented me from unscrewing the right hand mirror when I reached a dirt stretch where I thought that might be prudent. You've got to loosen the control pod clamp bolts enough to let the reservoir on it's bracket move out of the way of the mirror stalk when it revolves as it's unscrewed. That's a lot of extra hassle.

I made a flat bracket for the stock reservoir that moves it out of the way. I retained the stock rubber grommet mount, but removed the counterweight, mostly because I needed the clearance to get the thing as low as possible.

I mention all this because the first poster shows a picture of the bracket he got with the Italian reservoir, and it mounts to the mirror stalk. That would be no good if you ever wanted to protect your mirrors by removing them.

That's weird. I didn't have to remove mine to get the mirrors off. Just used a wrench and removed them.

That said, I thought the same thing about the bracket from Rimonza or whatever they are called. Personally I'd find a way to keep the stock braket and just bold the alum container on there.
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