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I am in this boat as well. I don't want to post my entire resume, but here are some very general highlights.

Name: Brice Osborne
Location: Los Gatos, CA (SF Bay Area)
Education: Undergrad Economics, Masters in Computer Science
Experience: Last 2 companies I worked for were in the Telematics space (a vehicle mounted widget that captures information and then transmits data via a terrestrial based wireless network back to servers as a hosted means of presentation of the captured data). I also have many years in telecommunications as a project manager for AT&T (the old version).

From the tech perspective, you name it, I've done it and communicated at all levels of management and size of customer from multi million dollar deals to simple network upgrades. At the last company I even did the majority of physical initial installations for the company as well as project managed the entire implementation.

Thanks for starting this, Garry.
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