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an epilogue of sorts...

Hey Guys
Thanks again for the kind comments - it's nice that people are still reading this! I think I’ve addressed most of the questions (tell me about the gas cans, etc.) via PM, but if I missed something, feel free to let me know. I’m friendly!

I recently received a wonderful email from my 90 year old grandfather - he read the whole ride report and loved it. He wrote: “Wow, what an adventure that must have been. Sounds like so much fun. I wished it had been me on that trip.” Later, when I saw Grandad in person, he told me again how he had wanted a motorcycle his whole life but never got one. He said he had enjoyed traveling vicariously through our report and added, “I rode along with you as I read...”
I love that about all of these ADV ride reports and I was so happy to be able to share a bit of the dream with my Grandad. So, in case I forgot to mention it earlier - thanks to all of you FFs for inspiring us to do the TAT and write a report!

As a side note, Matt always wanted to take Grandad for a spin on the 950 but I was nervous about letting my husband, The Cripple Maker, anywhere near my dear grandfather. I’m pretty sure that NOT having a bike helped Grandad make it to 90!

Speaking of cripples, several of you have asked how I’m doing - I’m healing well, thanks . I never did get that birthday MRI (and I put off seeing a doctor as long as possible due to concerns about our crappy health insurance), but I finally went to see an orthopaedist last week and things seem to be okay with my ankle and knee. At the very least, there doesn't seem to be ligament damage and I don't have any unhealed fractures. They’re still sore and they swell up over silly things like crouching down to rummage through the kitchen cabinets, but it seems like it will just take time. I’ve been forced to sleep on my right side for 6 weeks now and it’s getting really old, so I hope my stupid ribs mend soon. They still give me a twinge if I reach up or bend down or breath deeply; but it’s much, much better now. Thank you for asking!
(Oh, and Matt is just fine - no lingering after effects from landing on his head. Luckily, he has a neck like a bull)

There have also been questions about the state of the 950...
Oh. The 950. Our loyal steed. Matt calls it a “she” but I always think of it as a boy. Shemale? Hmmm. I’ll go with “she.”
Well, the bike just didn’t seem happy anymore, so we sent her to go live on a farm. Don’t worry, she’ll be happier there. It’s a big, wide open farm with lots of other bikes to play with. All around this farm there’s nothing but nice twisties and dirt. Lots of fun, rocky, uphills and downhills and water crossings galore...the roads are scenic and endless and there’s NEVER any slick mud or silt...

Yeah. Doesn't that sound nice?

No. After much debate, the bike, which had better “health” insurance than either of us did, was examined by a specialist and deemed too damaged to fix. The insurance company totaled it. Matt was able to pull most of the farkles, including our renazco seat, but had to give up his woody’s wheels. Sigh. It was a sad, sad day.

I put together a little 950 memorial for matt...
here’s the bike, when we first met

Look how shiny and new she was - she had been pre-loved, but came from one of those “adult rider, never been in the dirt, dealer maintained” kind of ads. Dreamy.
She had no idea what she was getting into...

Squaw Ridge



And, vice versa (he had no idea what he was getting into)...
The bike gave Matt some problems initially (typical 950 issues) and I remember him thinking he had made a huge mistake.

But, eventually he got all the kinks ironed out and she became a perfect, dependable, reliable companion. Though, maybe a tad bit homicidal. Matt and I had a few laughs as we remembered all the times the bike tried to kill him.

Actually, matt says I’m his good luck charm - when I’m around, he doesn’t get as hurt. She's too busy going after me. Haha.
Let's just focus on the good memories, shall we?

Highway 1

road to San Borja

San Francisquito

the road to San Evaristo

Oregon backcountry

And, more recent times...

Our Beloved Bike 2005.5 - 2009
Rest in Peace

Now what?
We talked about not getting another bike until next year. It seemed like the prudent thing to do.
Then, matt started talking about a 950 super enduro.
Uh huh. Right.
I'll let you know what happens, once we get it all settled. We haven't even received the check from the insurance company, yet...
It will be a week or 2.
OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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