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Originally Posted by Bartron
More details please on the specifics of the lights/vendor! Just what I've been looking for but ebay is full of these things so it would be nice to hear which vendor you went with and how you like them. Also, direct connection to centech or is there a regulator you had to hide somewhere?
They all come from China but I paid a bit more to buy them locally in the UK. Not because I have anything against China. I just wanted them quickly.

It said you can connect them directly to the battery without a fuse but somehow that didn't seem quite right. I touched them off the battery terminals and they did indeed seem fine. In the end I hooked them up to a 5amp fuse on the Centech. I also had a switch kicking around that I added into the loop. There is no need for a regulator. I put some velcro on the switch and located it just under the faux fuel tank cover near the headstock. It's accessible but it keeps it out of the rain.

I attached them to the handlebars using velcro also just so that It's not too permanent. After a few thousand miles and exposure to the elements it's clear the velcro is not up to the task. The lights are fine and are indeed completely waterproof.

I use Tucano Muffs in the winter so that was part of my logic for using velcro. It would mean I could transfer the LED's onto the muffs. I might experiment with moving them around but I feel they have the greatest prominence way up on the handguards.
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