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BMW F800GS owners TAKE HEED regarding your rear wheel bearings!!!

FYI,,,it has been over a month and a half since tmex had his rear wheel bearing disintegrate,,he chronicled his adventure and search for the cause in his thread dated 8-24-09

i just stumbled on it in the wee hours this morning and started a new thread on the subject immediately,,,,hoping to get this situation resolved ,,,,because dear F800GS owners you may not be as lucky as tmex was,,,his incident happened on a trail's his rear wheel bearing...

,,,not everyone may be so fortunate to be on a dirt trail,,in that thread there are over a dozen riders who have chimed in with similar or impending results....

like fellow advrider ChiTown...

it puzzles and pains me that based on the posts of the lucky souls sharing their data and experiences on this topic that BMW does not take this situation far more seriously....

i am almost positive that someone at BMW Motorrad knows about this and is probably trying to rectify it would explain why there have been no hubs or rear wheels available from BMW for the last 4 months,,,we already speced a Superlite cush-drive version ala KTM 950/990 Adventure,,will be circa 1lb lighter then your stocker,,

FYI,,,replacing the bearings if BWOE there is a problem with the inner bore of the hub being too small,,,would just be a stop gap measure and invariably result in the same damages to the replaced bearings...unless you can spec very loose bearings circa C-3 or looser.

so all of you who have replaced your bearings even with better ones with better grease...

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR REAR BEARINGS EVERY OPPORTUNITY YOU GET !!!!...there is a cause and effect for most everything

Be part of the solution and resolution!!!,,,pass the word to your fellow riders,,,

take it to BMW for your repair so that they eventually will get it that this is not an isolated incident,,,there is a certain power in numbers

don't take on the blame that perhaps you got a little water on it in that stream crossing or power wash,,,these bikes were designed for that kind of activity,,

keep posting the incidents in these and other similar threads and forums,,thank god we have an internet,,,put it on you tube

use your crap detector to separate the wheat from the chafe in all the advice being bantered about,,,

If i had to give BMW Motorrad some advice based on their actions over the past decade in similar circumstances: The truth will set you free!!!

Inform your customers,,,''ooops we have a problem,,we will resolve it on our dime,,,please do not ride your motorcycle til we can rectify it'',,,,,or ''it's serviceable but come in for a quick check'',,something to that effect.

Honestly BMW MOTORRAD we want to trust you again!!!,,,,we can accept that s___ happens,,,let us know,,,we'll even help in the resolution and rectification

Just don't play with our lives because you have an image problem or are scared S___less by the throngs of litigators waiting in the wings...i'm positive juries will be far more harsh on you all if they realize you have been hiding the truth and facts..

'nuff said for today,,i welcome your thoughts on this matter,,,
laissez le bon temps rouler,,

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