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Mefo's and Shinko's

Just chucked my Mefo Explorers after 6K+. Great tire. They were the new style with high wear bar in the back. The things had enough tread to go another 1,000 to 2,000 miles but the front was cone shaped and the rear was square, made for some fun corners. If i were on a long trip, they would have stayed on.

zero to five:

spoonability (get ready for a fight)
on road
off road
price (last set I priced was 300 for the set. this is offset by the mileage one gets)

Spooned on some Shinko 705 (very easy to install, not like the Mefo's that I broke an iron on.) yesterday and they roll nice. But, they corner funny. They seem to be slow to go in but once they do they transition fast. I thought at first they were just sliding being new and all, but still leery about powering into corners as they just don't feel right leaned over, powering into an apex. Once into the turn though, then getting on the gas, they haven't slid yet. Or maybe I've just been milking the Mefo's along to long and forgot what a turn feels like. On the other hand, there are no more chicken strips.Off road they handle much like the Tourance. They drift in soft gravel, squarely in the mud.

Shinko 705:

on road: (very smooth)
off road:
price: ( a little over 100 bucks, delivered worth a try at that price)

Any-hooo, they are on a '81G/S.
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