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BMW F800GS tapered rear bearing bores?????

Originally Posted by Law Dawg
Woody, I have been wondering if maybe the bearings are meant to be tapered OD (no clue if that even exists)? If they drop in half way and need to be pressed the rest of the way it would make sense to me that the hub would be machined as tapered. What say?
oh boy Law Dawg,,it would be the first time ever,,,ie that someone on purpose would put a taper in the bore,,,remember the seals and bearings usually all spec out to the diameter of the bearing less the crush. .0005-.001'' crush would'nt bother the rubber seals either....

what we did find out though is there is a slight 'step' in the bore,,,this is probably the ''falls in part way '' that some people experience,,,

FYI,,if properly heated in a properly speced bore,,,,the bearing will drop in all the way with no fuss or muss....the reason people need to pound em in the rest of the way is either the hub is too cool or most likely,the bore is too tight

as soon as i saw a persistent pattern of riders heating/freezing per the manual and ALL reporting it dropped halfway and then needed to be beat in...,,,,i've been through that scenario the cause of which is usually someone made a mistake in machining the bore,,,if the hubs are apart we just toss em in the lathe,,, otherwise bore em in the mill to save re-lace n true costs...have repaired hundreds...

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