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Back in Pain

I'm the guy in the silver jacket on the green KLR in the photos.

Here's a little back story from my side.

Rewind about one week to the Sunday before we leave (we left on a Friday) and boom! I bent over to kiss my girlfriend who was sleeping on the couch and out goes my back. There I was lying on the floor in the living room unable to get up. Somehow between packing and walking with a new pair of shoes I had put myself in quite a predicament.

After what seems like a bottle of muscle relaxant and lots of help from my very patient and loving girlfriend I had managed to make it from the floor to the futon in the living room. In the end I took both Monday and Tuesday off work as I progressed from rolling around our apartment on my desk chair to walking with a cane then finally walking unaided if a bit hunched.

This put me in a scramble to finish packing and to get new rubber on my bike before Friday. Yet again, and only because of, the help of my girlfriend I managed to pack the last thing and somehow get my tire and oil changed on the bike.

Friday roles around and we are off! I did wear a back brace for the rest of the trip but luckily I had no further back troubles.

We all gathered at Chris' place and from there up to La Verendry for our first night of camping.

On the way we stopped at the depanneur and grabbed beer. Having no way to hold the beer I poured the water out of my cammelbak and shoved the beer bottles in there. Right then I knew that this was going to be an awesome trip!
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