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tapered hole?

Originally Posted by woody's wheel works
oh boy Law Dawg,,it would be the first time ever,,,ie that someone on purpose would put a taper in the bore,,,remember the seals and bearings usually all spec out to the diameter of the bearing less the crush. .0005-.001'' crush would'nt bother the rubber seals either....

as soon as i saw a persistent pattern of riders heating/freezing per the manual and ALL reporting it dropped halfway and then needed to be beat in...,,,,i've been through that scenario the cause of which is usually someone made a mistake in machining the bore,,,if the hubs are apart we just toss em in the lathe,,, otherwise bore em in the mill to save relace n true costs...have repaired hundreds...

When people talk about the bearing going in half way, what they are seeing is that the hub is machined slightly larger then the bearing in the area that the seal goes, before the snap ring and before the bearing bore.That was as long a sentence as I could come up with. The bearing bore is symmetrical, not tapered. This practise is very common on automotive and truck applications.
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