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After a chilly nights sleep we awoke to frost on our tent and bikes. Maurizio riding a GS1150 with Tourances decided that its best he get a head start and took off for the end of the North road. Following soon after was Ted and myself but we decided to stop and get food at the gas station half way along. The others were fighting with Chris' funduro trying to get it started, which they did by bump starting it a few times until it caught.

Somehow durring all of this the third group MISSED seeing us at the resturant/gas station and drove by thinking we had gone to Nemaska for gas instead. When they got there and no one had seen bikes they decided to back track and look back at the first gas station. Meanwhile everyone else was grouping up at the end of the north road and wondering what was taking so long!

Finally we all grouped up sharing some confused looks as we tried to puzzle out how we had passed each other on a road with only one intersection.

From there we headed north on the James bay road crossing the 52nd parallel.

Passed some beautiful scenery

As we cruised the cross winds became stronger and stronger until we were scraping pegs on straights or flying around corners without having to lean at all. I very odd feeling.

Here's a vide showing the wind.

Then just as we made the last 40Km into Radisson it started to rain. We all looked at each other and said F*** this, Lets get a motel!

Here's all our stuff drying out. A floor fan is running, the AC is on to remove humidity and then the heater is on so we don't freeze. It worked out and all our stuff got dry.

We then had beers all around and crashed for the night!
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