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As already mentioned.. Day3 started rather cool.. frost/ice on the tents, trees and motorcycles..

Boiling up some water for hot tea and oatmeal was just the ticket.. while the plan was to 'stop for breakfast' I had a feeling that something might go wrong (which it did) and did not want to set out on an empty stomach! Ten points to someone that can identify my camp stove!

The gravel road was fine, but watch the ice on the wooden bridges..

Everything was covered with a nice layer of dust by the end of the road..

Happily Ted and Steven were waiting when I got to the end of the North Road (John and Dan were somewhere behind be having fun of their own!)

Once on the James Bay Road and heading north we eventually found ourselves going from bright and clear to dark and ominous.. John stopped to don rain gear (and turn into a pumpkin!)..

Finally ending up in Radisson in the rain.. and happily taking a hotel for the night (Auberge Radisson, very friendly, fair prices, and decent rooms!).

No pix, I went inside for a hot shower and a hot meal :)
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