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One more thing of interest from Day Three.

So I stop for a smoke break to let the others catch up and this 300 year old Indian lady appears from nowhere. She has this "raisonish" look to her and stands about 4 feet tall. You know the look, something outta a Jim Morrison vision.
She politely tells me a bike crashed on the North Road yesterday and they had to airlift him out to Chibougamau. She pauses then says "he was a white guy like you", this was said with disgust in her voice. She turns her back on me and walks off into the tundra.
I was at a loss for words, should I tell her to go Fock herself or.......then a smile came to my face......damn I just got racially slammed for being a white guy. Not a normal occurance up here in Canada.
Where she came from and where she was off to is anyone's guess and there isn't much up there and what there is is very spread apart.

Much helmet time reflecting on this and I came to the conclusion that if I were in her shoes I would resent me as well. We are raping the land they have held sacred for many many generations and within a few decades have built roads, built dams that forever change the landscape,put up mass hydro lines buzzing across the land, big mines get dug that come with all sorts of debris and side affects, the folks that go up their to work are at times less than stellar representitves of society. Really other than money making landscape changing projects there isn't anything up there other than the Indians who are just living their lives which are often lead the hard way.
So can I relate to that old lady when she almost spits the word white man? Ya for sure, rock on old lady, tell us how it is !
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