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Day Four

Given we had comfy accomodations it was decided the night before to take a day off. The weather was to clear up and the campground in town had just shut down for the season. The water and electricity were still turned on but the bathrooms were closed. The price = free = perfect. The only objective for the dat was to go out to Longe Point and dip our wheels in James Bay.

We packed up the bikes and were off at the comfortable hour of 10 am.

A group shot in front of the classic sign post to the world. Its shows Ottawa as being 1300 km away. A bit further when you take North Road

Some great high speed ashpalt for about 80 km's or so bring you to one of the big dams in the area. The signs read something like a million cubic metres of concrete were used for this one dam! The pictures cannot do justice to the size of these things, they are HUGE!

Well the ocean is just around the corner, about 50 km away on a gravel road. After much straing at Google mpas this looked like the most northern road we could find that lead to the salt water. Funny how a Google sat image can get etched in your brain and then when you show up its exactly what you saw.

A quick walk over the rocks to the point proper for some classic been there done that photo's.

We had some boil in the bag for lunch while enjoying the salty air. This was one of the three ticks on our list of most do's for the trip so everyone was kind of just enjoying the moment.

We all took turns riding down the beach to dip our tires in the water.

Is that the smell of a BMW clutch burning Of course one of us had to get stuck. The rocks were about 6 inch deep of ball bearings and anyone who stopped would have a tricky time getting started. So of course I was already laughing at Dan as he stopped and gave his wave to camera. Sorry I didnt help push you out Dan but I was laughing to hard and taking a picture seemed like a better idea.

The locals use these big canoes with motors for lack of a better description (based on my very limited knowledge of boat types).

Just as we finished loafing around one these boats came across the water and pulled up to shore. They were out goose hunting and had everything including the kitchen sink in their boat. Seriously they even had a full size ATV in there, a huge bone that we guess must be a whale's vertabrae and lots of other odds and ends. The lads chipped in to help them get their boat up above the tide line. They use rollers under the boat and stop every 20 feet and move the last roller up front. Nice little system, primative indeed but works effectively.

Well time to pack up and hit the road. Chris bike fails to start so everyone gets off their bikes and adds their opinions to what may be wrong. The local guys we helped lend a hand by giving us a battery to jump off of. Yes we could of donw this ourselves as we had cables but no one wanted to unpack their bikes to get at their batteries and well it was kinda nice for these chaps to lend a hand after we had helped them out. Makes you realize that 99% of the people in the world are very good people given the chance. As it would turn out of the leads one of Chris's spark plugs had come loose.

An uneventful drive back to town where we set up camp in our private campground. The sun was shining and everyone seemed to be enjoying the day off.

A quick trip down into town to grab some chips, dip and brown bottles along with a trip to the gas station/everything you may need store where a few of us stocked up on some new gear. 30$ sleeping bags were bought by a few to try and beat the cold weather and me well I found the only air mattres around for probably hundreds if not thousands of km's
After sitting around the fire and just completely relaxing a few of us decided to go down into town to the local pub for a few more beers and some pizza. Good pizza, cold beer and strong whiskey shots and we were ready to crash. Don Juan de Dan gets stopped in the parking lot by a local native lady and boy was she in love with Dan. A good laugh for me pulling out of the parking lot while this drunk lady is kissing Dans hand while Dan looks at me with a "save me! Dont leave me here" look. To Dans credit he must of been on his bike in a big hurry as all of a sudden he was right beside me.

A great day, about 300 km's on the odometer.
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