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I have a 2000 that I got used last February. I was looking at buying a KLR and the dealer sold it about a week before I was ready to pull the trigger. I'm glad that I ended up the with the DR though, it handles my 20 mile commute in fine fashion and it has been reliable. I will say that it was still in stock trim and it was running quite lean which was a major headache in rush hour traffic. It would kill occasionally and surge quite a bit. I just got done installing a FMF Q-series pipe, Stage 2 carb kit, a K&N filter and I did the Jesse Kientz airbox mod. Wow, is this still the same bike? I did a little math and with conserative guesses on horsepower increase it came out to a 20% power to weight increase, and it feels like more. It runs much better and doesn't surge anymore either. What is amazing is that I went with a 160 main that is two sizes over the stock main and it still pops off-throttle like it is still a smidge lean. It's pretty cold here in MN now so it will probably be spot on once it warms up in the spring. Now my base gasket looks like old faithful, I'm working with my dealer to see if Suzuki will cover it. I've read in a couple forums of guys getting it covered out of warranty by Suzuki. I'm looking at getting some stiffer springs front and rear and then I will be pretty much done with the mods. I'm happy with it, just a little different focus than the KLR which is great bike also.
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