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After breakfast we were ready to hit the road again.

We decided to take little detour and pass trough nearby mountains. Igman was scene of ski jumping competition during Sarajevo Olympics in 1984. It was also frontline during the siege of Sarajevo.

Military cemetery

Dad used to stay in this hotel during his visits to Sarajevo in 1980es.

After Igman we headed towards Eastern Bosnia.

Our next destination was Tjentiste. Back to WWII, after failing to destroy partisans during 4th offensive, Germans prepared new effort, codenamed Schwartz (black).

Quote from Wikipedia: The battle marked a turning point toward Allied control of Yugoslavia, and became an integral part of the Yugoslav post-war mythology, celebrating the self-sacrifice, extreme suffering and moral firmness of the partisans.

Wikipedia article has some serious mistakes, for example: there was no Greek forces there, and Order of battle is not accurate, instead of 3rd Dalmatian Brigade there was 2nd but it is still quite good short overview of events.

These events are now mainly forgotten. Whole complex is in sad state.

Area also has stunningly beautiful nature and lot of gravel roads. I hope we will be able to come back next year to explore the whole area.

After Tjentiste we headed back towards Foca to cross Drina River and proceed towards Montenegro.

River Piva valley is absolutely magnificent, I was there in 2007. It was first time for my dad and he was amazed with stunning views and nice road.

We reached Mratinje dam.

Few kilometers after the dam we turned towards Durmitor Mountain.


It was late afternoon, rain started to fall and it was bitterly cold.

Finally we reached Durmitorsko Sedlo pass, it is 1907 meters high. Temperature was 5 degrees centigrade, it was snowing lightly and winds were very strong. I tried to take few pictures, but they are all bad. I was too busy trying not to fall down because of wind.

Then I asked dad: “How are you doing?” He was grinning under his helmet and said: “This is so much better than Alps”.

Few pictures from my 07 trip, just to see how road looks in nice weather. Road was sealed in 07 few months after we were there.

There were 10 more km of descent before we reached our hotel in Zabljak.


To be continued…
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