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Originally Posted by Deadly99
A quick trip down into town to grab some chips, dip and brown bottles along with a trip to the gas station/everything you may need store where a few of us stocked up on some new gear. 30$ sleeping bags were bought by a few to try and beat the cold weather and me well I found the only air mattres around for probably hundreds if not thousands of km's
I picked up the chips and dip and I got to tell you, that was an adventure unto itself! Go to the first store, a real grocery store in fact. Look for dip... great have 3 kinds on the shelf. Pick up two kinds off the shelf just in case. Go to the isle with the chips and I thought to myself "I must be in the wrong place, there are only about 10 bags of chips here and they are all ketchup chips". So I put the dip back because you can't eat ketchup chips with dip, that's just barbaric! I ask the girl at the front if there are any more chips around thinking maybe there are some in the back. To my surprise she tells me the only other chips in town are at the local "hardware" store where the sleeping bags were purchased. Skeptically I walk down there and I find that he at least has two kinds, plain and BBQ ruffle. Perfect I'll pick these up and go back for the dip at the other store. I guess Radisson only gets shipments of chips like once a month or something!

Long story short... 2 bags of chips and 2 containers of dip... almost an hour and over $20.00 with tax!!! And that was the cheaper ones, Ruffles were over $5.00 a bag! Gotta say that those were the most expensive chips I've ever eaten. We had some left over that night so I made damn sure they came with us the next day.

As others have said, day 4 was a nice relaxing beautiful day with lunch by the sea.

An ATV in a boat was metioned. Talk about everying but the kitchen sink!


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