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Originally Posted by gsfreeman2
Looked for the thread, didn't find it, mods, feel free to merge it if I goofed up!

Picked up a new to me 2002 1150 GS last night from GSingWI. It's got 60k miles and I am the 3rd owner. She is very well sorted out for an all-around adventure bike!

Although she's not perfect (one of the bag mounts broke off and Pat fabricated a screw and nut to hold it on; the holes where the pipe's nameplate rivets had been removed had burned small holes through the left bag), overall for the mileage and use she is in A++ condition.

For sale... Bagster and Tank Panniers on, solo set up and ready for adventure (Pat kept the Wolfman anyone want to sell me theirs?? )

Bagster off, to show how nice and clean the tank looks even with almost 60k on the clock.

Picked it up last night. After turning over the funds and signing the bill of sale and title, I was ready to get on my new steed

Helmet on, riding into the cool (and fortunately deer-less) western WI night

.... and on the way home, a new adventure begins

Right on dood!!!!

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I was SO high, I could have hunted duck with a rake
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MX stuff isn't my cup of tea, but falling down the side of a mountain is
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