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I’m considered a dilettante even by dabblers, so I for one welcome the branching out into exciting new avenues of injuring yourself there in the MFM Caffeine Intensification & Enheatment Research Facility (your kitchen)*, I do hope that’s all tidied up though, or at the very least offered to the Tat Modern. Similar to the Tate Modern, but more tat**

Originally Posted by planktonnn
Tomorrow will be finalising fitment of stainless p/rod tubes, assembling rocker sets, changing O ring on oil pump cover, fitting flywheel, making a decision on the clutch friction plate, scrubbing up & fitting (or not) the clutch, cleaning up engine mounting bolts, fucking a Llama, & generally prepping the block for installation in the frame on Saturday, where after I will pile on & torque down the top ends before it rains.
All done & more, to a rather obsessive degree. I do worry... I must report I was unsuccessful on the Llama front. The statistical likelihood of coming across a Llama*** in these parts is slim, though I did once wake up to find one in the back garden, escaped from a nearby carnival. But Llama can't strike twice right?

I shall hereto after, if I remember, refer to ‘jugs’, as buckets, though I reserve the right to use the word jugs in other contexts.

Things You Hear Over The Fence No. 131: One pissed (UK) & pissed (US) male ranting endlessly about ‘completely out of order’ behaviour of an absent brother - ‘Have to cross the street… bad vibes… giving me the evils… trying to set Mum against me… keeps pointing at me & trying to pick a scrap… what’s his farkin problem?’ - A brief pause, and one of his audience (of one) gently piped up ‘Well you were fucking his wife’. It’s like living embeded amongst the audience of the Jeremy Kyle Show****

I think we’re all ready to get the engine in; I’ve even set up a little work pod with (no doubt not quite nearly) everything we’ll need on it. While I’m setting my kit up I’ll need the forks on, and the shock, to provide a stable platform. Maybe we'll get it up on the (15) paddock stands, perhaps in a different place to ease access? The engine mounting spacers need scrubbing up, some slight attention paid to the mounting bolts & nuts, and one exhaust thread tended to, or we use another head I have*****. The side-stand will need spraying. As far as I can tell I’ve got everything ready from barrel skirt to rocker cover bolt on each side – all present to connect. We probably need to improvise a locking bar to allow torque-alization of the flywheel & clutch bolts. Flywheel goes to 125nm with oiled threads on later units according to Haynes.

* Formally the Futility Muffin Commemorative Garden Centre & Sauna.
** Cheap or vulgar tastelessness.
*** You dirty minded individual, go and put on the special truss now.
***** If it’s the correct side?

And now another photo of Astral, who runs a semi organic smallholding. He also runs motorcycles into the ground.
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