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Engine in and top ends top ended....

"I think we’re all ready to get the engine in;"

And he thunk most correctly....yet another good day in the annals of Martha Farquar Motorcycling Inc. Not only did we get the engine in with nary a scratch on the paintwork...I scored the pair of stainless silencers
from Dirtyboydeadly in exchange for various airhead parts ....we may have to dream up an initiation ceremony of some sort for Dirtyboydeadly if he keeps on being helpful like this..I wonder what it could be, hmmm?

Anyway, a nearly-new clutch plate ( with a juicy 5.75mm thickness) was slipped on after the flywheel was suitably (to us) torqued to a frighteningly tight torqueness...we mused on the reasoning for the increased torque rate (from 105 Nm to 125Nm) for the flywheel bolts, and after realising that the piece of 2x1 softwood I was utilising to hold the flywheel steady, as planktonnn did the business with the torque wrench, began to break at around 118 Nm, we settled upon a value of yes, 118 Nm !! Made sense to us....and still does. There's tight....and there's too fucking tight. If anyone from BMW, Haynes or Clymer wants to argue the fact, meet us for a fist fight and we'll see who wins the argument, is all I'm saying....

So, engine in, flywheel on, clutch on, jugs (buckets) on, heads on and rockers gapped.....lovely. Fuck!! Sidestand won't go on due to a small problemette in the sequence of fitting engine bolts and spacers...planktonnn say's not to worry. If planktonnn say's not to worry, I ain't worrying. I left him with strict orders to finish the bike off as soon as humanly possible, he told me to fuck off. Seems reasonable.

Here's a pic.....

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