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Two sleeping bags made all the difference and I think I had the best night's sleep on the whole trip!

Morning awoke to a nice even coating of ice covering the tent and motorcycles.. and with one press of the starter, the Funduro roared to life! The new battery did the trick

The rising sun was nice and warm and quickly melted the ice, and our campsite was nice and high above the fog-filled valley below.

Apart from scattering my pannier contents all over the road when one decided to jump off while doing 90+ km/h, the drive down and back went pretty well.

Fog, dust, grit, sun, soft graded sections, nice hard sections, dropping the bike while turning around in a parking lot.. just another day on the Trans-Taiga!

Cars were few and far between.. but at one point we came around a corner and some small car completely wrapped in bubble wrap? foam? went by the other way. WTF?

Back at Mirage we caught up with it:

The driver, a photographer up here to check things out, was warned that his car would get pummeled by gravel.. so he totally wrapped it up!

Finally, heading to bed that night, I couldn't help but notice the signs they had posted all over the place..

It made sleeping that night oh-so-care-free!
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