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The Goose goes home....subtitled "why am I in Germany!!"

So, lots of rumblings in the Guzzi forums about the Mandello factory moving, closing, changing over the last few months (probably more). Then I heard about a Guzzi owner's demo being held at the Guzzi factory to support the workers and to show solidarity. I had a few days off, had wanted to take my Goose to the "nest" since I've had it, so off I went.

My plan was to slab it from Wien to Mandello, total journey is about 900km (a tad under) so, being stupid, I set up the route in Mapsource, uploaded into my Zumo, strapped on my tent and sidecases and off I went.

It's 7am ish and I'm off! GPS is on, MP3s are playing, directions are being given, it's a nice day and the slabs in Austria, espciallly in the Alps provide some stunning eye candy. Some few hours in the Zumo tells me to turn off the motorway and not really caring that much I obey (did I mention I was an idiot?). Turn blathered on until I hit the small, but world famous, village of Fucking. "ahh!" and "doh!" as I remembered plugging the "via Fucking" route into the Zumo. But hey!! a few snaps and I'm back on the road.....once again bimbling, obeying without question or concern :)

Picture time...but, of course, my random route first. Red (magenta? pink?) is day 1, Yellow is day 2.

and then the aforementioned piccie :)

Moving along I'm sort of feeling bemused by the route but hey! I'm on the bike and all is good. I'm meant to be slabbing it but what the heck! I'll just get there later :)

And then I'm in surprise! but not quite as a big a surprise as the Swiss border...I'm like "huh?". But hey! Now I get to come into Lake Como from the north so bonus....again. Roads like this kept croppping up

Still...after almost 13 hours of riding I reach Guzzi heaven


I'll skip the 80 odd Guzzi pictures :p but here's a wee sample


Anyhooo...with a party to get back to in Wien, I left Mandello at lunchtime, this time taking the slab proper. It was a fairly straightforward ride back, another 900km. Took about 11 hours and, well, as much as slabs can be boring, the pass through the alps is pretty bloody stunning and I hit it at just about the right time

1800km of riding in 2 days :) the pefect end to a weekend.
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