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Parts location anomaly......(er...)

As with all Global Corporations, it may sometimes happen that vital parts may not be where they were thought to be....with that in mind, I happened upon the rear brake shoe springs in my shed, planktonnn. Obviously, this means that they are not in your shed, so please don't look for them there....unlike the barrel-stud 'o' rings I hid as you were assembling the top ends the other day, these items were not the subject of a prank. I now realise that behaviour such as that is not helpful, even if it makes me laugh inside my head, and I will try not to do it again. Probably.

Over here at the Oxfuckshire branch, I attempted to fit the two Keihan cans I scored from dirtyboydeadly yesterday, only to find that they didn't fit....a real bummer. I spent all day trying to make a bracket to adhere my single seat, but that didn't work, either. I then offered up the keihan cans again, and guess what? They did fit! Funny old world eh? Then, I spent all day trying to make my carb intake elbows fit me Bings...fuckers wouldn't go on right, so I tried another pair...still didn't fit. I only had one other pair, and I felt confident they would be right. Guess what? Also I eventually realised what I have is 3 pairs of carb elbows for the later airhead plastic airbox, which is absolutely no use to me as I hate the later plastic airbox, and only ever fit the much more aesthetic and beautiful earlier aluminium (not).

In other news, my coffee pot is starting to behave itself, thank fuck. Percolates like a Presbyterian on PCP....obviously, I've never known a Presbyterian to use PCP, nor for them to impersonate a coffee pot, but I reserve my right to utilise whichever metaphor springs to mind at any particular time in my postings herein.

Oh, I meant to paint the sidestand today but I've just realised I forgot to do that. How are you getting on with completely finishing the STD1, otherwise? I'll sell you my share of it for 25,000 or buy your share for 25.00. Don't shout and get angry...that kind of deal happens all the time on Wall St. you know! The government wouldn't let it happen if there was anything wrong with it...........
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