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Originally Posted by Throttlemeister
I would not ride the TT in Spring IMHO, but would wait until late August/early Sept, then PanAm in Central America should also be much better riding temps after these times...just a thought

When I was up at Radisson a few weeks ago and was talking with one of the helicopter pilots(who's also is bush pilot and rider), for Whapchiwem Helicopters Limited with a base in the town, and the guy mentioned the ultimate Northern loop would be to ride the TT road and then charter an Air Saguenay Otter or twin Otter, depend on how many bikes, and ferry over to Schefferville where you could fuel up heavy and ride the RR row down to Esker where there is a perfectly good road to Churchill Falls that they used heavily during the hydro plant's construction.
If you weren't up for that kind of adventure you could just as easily fly down to Wabush/Lab City instead. If I would have know or researched it before I went up I would have been all over it. Would be best to have at least 3 bikes to break up the cost of the Otter I would think. Just a nice riding idea....

Contact Lisa at Air Saguenay in Caniapiscau at 1 418 780 4073 for a quote if you really want to have a wild ride.

It's possbile to ride the whole TT one direction back to Radisson in one day and reach cold beer and highspeed wifi but I would have enjoyed riding out another way to Esker after a little plane ride, sometimes the roads are just real long deadends

That's exactly where I turned back...Esker is 180km from Churchill (Gas). There is a french forum that contains the report of 3 or 4 guys that made it up to Schefferville...You should see the flats they got...One guy got a Railroad pin (giant nails to hold the track down) through his rear tire...Unbelievable picture...I'll try to find the link.

The Otter idea sounds fantastic...I'm in if you guys are interested next year...My brother too (2 KLRs).

Quebec's Hwy 389 is a fantastic ride as would be a great spin around the province.

It's too bad that all the roads to the north are dead-ends...except Goose Bay, but I was 1 month too early for the ferries to Newfoundland.
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