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Day 6 - To the end and back

Today started off as cold as any other day. Frost covering anything still hidden in shadows. In a routine now we broke camp and packed up our bikes, taking turns to climb up on a big rock to shake out our tents to remove both frost and gravel. In the mean time I rolled my bike out from the shadow of a hill of rocks into the sun to help melt some of the frost that had formed on my seat.

(Thank's for the idea Ted)

Chris' bike with it's shiny new battery started first try and we breathed a sigh of relief as we set off for out next great destination. Once we had left the nice gravel pit and descended into the lower areas we quickly discovered that every valley was filled with thick soupy fog that coated both sides of our visors and slowed us to a crawl. Eventually the sun did come up and we picked up speed as the fog burned off.

That's when I came over a small rise to see the contents of Chris' pannier spread over the road. "Oh Shit" I'm thinking as I slam on the breaks and ask him what happened. With the weight of a battery and gas Chris' home made pannier came lose and spread its contents across the road.

A few straps later it was all re-attached.

Then we hooked up with Throttlemeister! Here's Dan giving autographs.

We knew we were close when we started having to cross the huge rock piles.

And this huge spillway that had been blasted out.

We all grouped up for a team shot as we made it to the end of the Trans Tiaga. YAY! now we only have 666Km of dirt to get out of here.

Me at the end

End of the TT. If you come bring a marker to sign this. And a ADV sticker (I forgot mine)

After that we stopped at Air Saguenay and filled up with gas. $1.90/L Ouch! but better than running out half way home. While waiting to fill up a blackfly got in my helmate and took a chunk out of my eyelid. Had me worried it was going to swell shut but it never got that bad.

Cruising back to Mirage after driving into the sun all morning then turning around and driving into the sun all afternoon we were all a bit burnt and worn out. As the shadows got lower and lower I came to a blind hill that was covered in shadows. I slowed a bit because I couldn't see over it then bam, I was airborn! A rock I didn't see had launched me in the air. I knew right away it was bad so I slammed on the breaks and made a quick inspection of my bike. There was still air in the tires and I couldn't hear it leaking. Rims look ok. Tires are still ok. I thought I was luck and headed out. Meeting up with Ted, it turns out we had both squared the same rock. I check again and sure enough I had dented my front rim. DAMMIT!!!! Not much I can do now. Then we had a nice 40+Km of soft graded road to welcome us to our home for the night at Mirage. Every muscle aching in my body I gladly paied the $127CDN for a room and meals then sat sipping beers on the patio between long showers.

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