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The Long Ride Home

Day 7 & 8 - The Long Ride Home

Having sworn off boil in bag food at this point the full plate of bacon and eggs was a welcome site in the morning. After having my second shower (third for some) the bikes were packed and the tanks filled for the long ride out. The neares gas station at Km 381 meant that we needed to carry a full load of gas for this streatch. Feeling confident we all took off at top speed spaced out so everyone could go at their own pace, dust free, and enjoy the peace of the morning. Comming over one hill I came face to face with a black bear and cub. I slammed the breaks and came to a stop a safe distance away but it was too close and they made a break for the woods. Too bad, no photo. A few Km later same thing but this time it was a grey wolf! I rolled by an saw it down in the ditch so I stopped farther up the trail. It hopped out and started walking down the road away from me. In the end everyone on the ride saw it.

We saw lots of beautiful scenery

Rolling Hills

My shiny new bike isn't so shiny and new anymore

Being back on the pavement was weird. Instantly my body begain to cramp up and be sore. After being loose and standing alot for the past three days I was suddenly sitting very still and my bum knew it. We regrouped at a designated rest stop and celebrated our latest victory while preparing ourselves for an anticlimactic few days on the bike to get home.

Our planned stop for the night was to camp where the James Bay Road crossed the Rupert River. Getting there around 4:30 we all pulled off our helmets to relax and start setting up camp when we were swarmed by bugs. Screw that.

Looking at the GPS it was only a 2 hour ride to cold beers and a hotel room. COLD BEER & NO BUGS !!! We set off with a very disapointed John following along (He wanted to camp) and blasted our way into town. with only one quick stop to fill up the bikes along the way.

The bugs were brutal and totall destroyed visibility.

The next day was a leisurly ride home. Feet up, lean back, one hand on the throttle cruise back to Ottawa. Meeting up for one last gas outside of town we all shook hands and congratulated each other on a trip well done before each going our own direction.

Thanks again for the invite Ted! Until the next one !

- Stephen
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